The Importance of Optimal Time Synchronization on Network Devices

13 Dec 2022 Phintraco

The Importance of Optimal Time Synchronization on Network Devices

Numerous companies have network devices that utilize either internal clocks or Public Internet Time Servers. The issue is that neither time synchronization method is an optimal solution. The internal clock and Public Internet Time Server are quite accurate, but for business purposes, greater precision is required. Additionally, there are security concerns associated with the use of such systems. Data processing must pass through firewalls that allow network access and create vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to compromise the entire system. For this reason, it is vital that the devices you employ have optimal time synchronization in the network.

Why is Time Synchronization Needed?

Today’s increasingly digital and interconnected world requires time synchronization. All infrastructure, including data centers, wired and wireless communications, financial information exchange, industrial networks, and smart power grids, can be secured with accurate timing. In addition, various industries require time synchronization because it is mandated by regulations. What is the purpose of time synchronization in the networking contest?

  1. Ensure event occur on time and in correct sequence.
  2. Determine when events occurred and in what sequence.

It is not easy to achieve optimal time synchronization from a technological standpoint, so it is essential to find reliable resources.

Time Synchronization Implementation with Timing and Synchronization Solution

To ensure time synchronization, network devices cannot rely on their individual equipment clocks. Because each is controlled by a battery and clock calendar with a maximum daily deviation of one second. Implementing the significance of optimal time synchronization on the network to ensure smoothness and security is therefore necessary. Moreover, all industries that utilize telecommunications networks and services are required to implement time synchronization. Thus, technological solutions that can be used as a time reference to manage and streamline the company’s operations in various fields are required. Relatedly, Phintraco Technology can provide Timing and Synchronization Solution options for a variety of industries relating to time synchronization, which are extremely useful for the efficient operation of your company.


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