Timing and Synchronization: Playing an Important Role in the Smooth Running of Electronic Transactions

06 Dec 2022 Phintraco

Timing and Synchronization: Playing an Important Role in the Smooth Running of Electronic Transactions

In the electronic transaction system, it is necessary to synchronize the times of all parties. This is necessary to prevent losses resulting from time misalignment. In addition, time can be used as evidence to trace events in violation and fraud involving electronic systems transactions. To guarantee time alignment on all devices, it is not possible to rely on the device’s clock, as each device is controlled by a battery and clock calendar that can produce a maximum deviation of 1 second per day. However, this issue can be resolved through Timing and Synchronization.

Timing and Synchronization

Timing and synchronization is a technological solution designed to make it easier to synchronize time on a networked computer or device. In modern computer network systems involving multiple devices, time synchronization is essential for supporting planning, management, and even security. Therefore, financial exchanges, industrial networks, and other communication systems that require precise time parameters to ensure data accuracy, process execution, and security must employ time synchronization.

Timing and Synchronization’s Roles in Electronic Transactions

This becomes crucial in many kinds of electronic transactions involving time synchronization. Due to many electronic devices, using accurate or equal time is imperative. As a result of time misalignment, numerous opportunities are lost. Losses incurred during electronic transactions and late banking clearing deposits are a mere fraction of the consequences of time misalignment. Therefore, monitoring the significance of time synchronization on electronic devices is necessary to ensure electronic transactions’ security. Time synchronization is the solution to these issues. This solution enables the synchronization of time with common devices precisely. In addition, timing and synchronization are utilized to facilitate management and oversight. Phintraco Technology can maximize its application if you entrust it to them. Phitraco Group’s IT Infrastructure subsidiary has provided the most effective time synchronization solution to simplify your company’s management and oversight of electronic devices.


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