Traditional Data Center vs Modern Data Center: What Is the Difference?

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As a technology that exists to serve as a data storage solution, Data Center offers a response to the growing need to store and retrieve company data. Data centers have existed since the invention of the computer but in a different form. Previously, traditional data centers used to require many networked computers to increase their ability to handle data and take up a lot of space, to the point where there are even buildings dedicated to data center installation. Meanwhile, today’s data centers can run 24/7 and are made up of thousands of powerful servers stacked neatly on the shelf to save space. Both methods are used to store data. However, there is a considerable difference between traditional data centers vs modern data centers. So what makes a traditional data center different from a modern data center? Let’s look at the explanation in more detail.

Traditional Data Center

A few years ago, companies traditionally managed data center storage. Data can be stored and accessed through hardware and server over local networks through traditional data centers. The IT department of the company also handles traditional data centers. However, the traditional data center usage trend is declining year after year. Data center transition has been underway for more than a decade. The efforts by the owners of the major data centers, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, to increase the efficiency of their data center facilities prompted other data center providers to follow suit. A few years later, many companies are updating their data center infrastructure.

Modern Data Center

Data center development in Indonesia is flourishing, and data center storage technology has advanced significantly. Today’s data centers are used for data storage, administration, and processing on servers using the internet as a channel. Virtualization, software-defined architecture, hyper-convergence, cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are all used in modern data centers. Companies will become more innovative if they use modern data centers because employees, partners, and customers operate in a system.

Traditional Data Center vs Modern Data Center

The following are the differences between Traditional Data Centers and Modern Data Centers, summarized:

Traditional Data Center Modern Data Center
Storage Store and access through hardware and server over local networks. Stores data in the cloud


Maintenance Costing


Users need huge capital at the beginning for hardware, its installation, software licensing fees, data backups, additional IT services, support, and more. Users pay a monthly subscription fee as per usage. The latest maintenance, support, security, and software depend on the cloud provider.
Information Access


Do not require an internet connection to access storage.


Requires an internet connection to access storage.
Data Security


Traditional Data Center have access to data both virtually and physically, depending on where corporations establish data centers.


Modern Data Center Involves the third party in data security.


traditional data center vs modern data center

So, which is better: traditional data centers or modern data centers? This question has no definitive answer. The greatest solution will assist you in achieving your company objectives while conserving your resources. However, if Your company is developing a data center, a modernized data center is the best option. Phintraco Technology will help you modernize your company’s data center by consulting with Your IT system. Phintraco Technology is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group specializing in IT Infrastructure.

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