Unified Communication Solution: The Right Solution for Startups

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The pandemic still haunts the world. This situation forces the company to continuously set the right strategy to always be at the forefront and not be defeated by the pandemic. Technology solutions are urgently needed to support business processes running from anywhere without any barriers. Currently, startups are widely applying work implementation from anywhere to protect their employees from the COVID-19. Yet, they must remain productive and deliver the most delinquent innovative ideas to keep the company moving forward. The unified communication solution is the right solution for business communication, especially startup companies. What is a unified communication solution? How can a unified communication solution help business communication for startups? Let us take a look at the explanation below.

Unified Communication Solution Description

The unified communication solution is a solution that eases the companies communication within employees because it combines all company communication channels in one platform only. Having one platform to communicate makes it easier for employees to send videos, communicate via voice messages, private messages, and share content anytime, anywhere without being limited by distance, time, and media. Utilizing a unified communication solution is an effective way to communicate with employees and even integrate with customers. Hence, employees can work more productively because they can communicate with other employees and customers with one platform only.

Unified Communication Solution: The Right Solution For Startups

Currently, many startups prioritize working from anywhere due to the pandemic situation. Research quoted from the Harvard Business Review stated that the employees’ productivity while working from home increases 13% – 22%. The unified communication solution will facilitate communication between co-workers and increase employee productivity during work-from-home. What are the other benefits of using a unified communication solution? Here are the benefits of using a unified communication solution:

  1. Multi experience

Using a unified communication solution can make it easier for your employees and even customers to communicate with each other regardless of their location, device, or application. Each user can use telephone, messaging, conferencing, video, and various other communication tools in only one platform, which is a unified communication solution. It also improves collaboration among divisions, which will lead to generating innovations and new ideas for businesses more quickly and easily.

  1. Flexible and Scalable

Technological developments are advancing. Thus, communication technologies are currently constantly encountering changes. Using a unified communication solution will make it easier for your company to implement the latest technological developments flexibly and widely applicable. This solution can be used by pioneer startup companies or those that have become unicorn startup companies.

  1. Integrable and Highly Secure

A unified communication solution can be integrated with other business tools such as Google Apps, Office 365, Skype for Business, etc. Besides, its safety is also unquestionable. The unified communication solution security is reliable, easy to process, and not vulnerable to data leakage.

The unified communication solution is one of the right strategies for startup companies starting to implement a work-from-home system or even work from anywhere. Phintraco Technology, part of the Phintraco Group, is an IT infrastructure company that provides unified communication solution services.


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