Virtualization: A Technology that Brings Many Benefits

04 Oct 2022 Phintraco

Virtualization: A Technology that Brings Many Benefits

The demand for hardware, such as servers, will rise in tandem with the advancement of information and communication technology. However, the multiple servers will complicate IT management and maintenance for the company. Furthermore, high costs for the acquisition and provision of premises will be incurred. This can occur when a new information system or application requires a new server and additional storage. As a result, a solution to the problem is required, specifically hardware or minimal hardware that can provide optimal service to increase effectiveness and efficiency while working within existing constraints, such as budget constraints. The use of virtualization technology is one solution to this problem.

What is the Virtualization?

Virtualization technology is now an alternative solution to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, virtualization technology aids the company’s IT management in its maintenance. Virtualization simulates hardware, operating systems, networks, and other components. Virtualization is used in information technology to improve the scalability of existing hardware. Multiple operating systems can run on a single computer simultaneously, thanks to virtualization. This has the potential to reduce the company’s expenses significantly. Virtualization technology will be widely used in the future by companies engaged in information technology and those not solely engaged in information technology but use it to advance their business.

Benefits of Virtualization for Enterprise

Virtualization is a technology that provides numerous benefits in a variety of industries. The following are some of the benefits of such virtualization:

  1. Operating cost savings

Virtualization can help enterprises optimise their technology by utilizing fewer physical servers and storage devices. This can lower the costs of power, cooling, maintenance, and space. In addition, virtualization significantly impacts operational costs, allowing companies to redirect their resources to other opportunities.

  1. Reducing or eliminating downlines

Virtualization enables the operation of multiple virtual machines at the same time. As a result, virtualization can greatly increase productivity by allowing users to continue working even if their operating system or application crashes.

  1. Improving IT employee productivity

Virtualization significantly reduces the workload of IT staff. For example, such staff may be responsible for server deployment, maintenance, and other technical tasks. However, virtualization technology allows them to complete those tasks in minutes.

  1. Faster server provisioning and deployment

Virtualization allows for rapid provisioning and deployment of systems. For example, after provisioning a virtual server, you can clone it to create another system without spending additional money on a new physical server. Not to mention that when you buy a new server, we must also perform network wiring, server rack placement, and long and complex server installations.

  1. Provides flexibility in disaster recovery

One of the most significant benefits of virtualization is the ability to quickly and securely move virtual machines from one physical server to another. Because data backup must be done quickly, regularly, and effectively, most virtualization platforms include failover automation features. This feature enables you to simulate disasters so that we can easily prevent and manage your server.

Virtualization is becoming an appealing option for enterprises looking to improve their business intelligence with simpler operational systems, improve business continuity, and reduce risks. To reap the benefits of virtualization effectively, it is necessary to collaborate with the right vendor who can provide a comprehensive solution. Thus, your company can construct a strong and flexible virtual infrastructure. Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of Phintraco Group, is the ideal solution for your company’s virtualization requirements. In addition to extensive collaboration with companies from various industries, Phintraco Technology has extensive experience as an IT Infrastructure company. Phintraco Technology can assist you in making your company more advanced for the next generation.


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