Voice Biometrics: Solution to Improve Contact Center Services

23 Nov 2021 Phintraco

Voice Biometrics: Solution to Improve Contact Center Services

Technological advancements continue to arise over time, especially when the pandemic happens—it drives technology to develop faster than before. Therefore, companies must be able to continuously update the technological developments to follow the existing technological advances. In the field of contact centers, particularly in the banking industry, several questions are usually required to prove that the caller is the bank’s actual customer. Currently, there is a technology to perform the verification process faster and safer, which is the voice biometrics solution. What is voice biometrics? What are the benefits of using voice biometrics for improving contact center services? Below is the explanation of voice biometrics and its benefits for improving contact center services.


Voice Biometrics and Its Function

Voice biometrics works like fingerprints usually used in employee attendance or facial recognition when opening a cellphone screen. Voice biometrics uses a person’s voice to identify identity. A person’s voice has unique characteristics; thus, voice biometrics can effectively identify the identityUsing voice biometrics will make the identification process of someone’s identity faster and safer because someone’s voice is difficult to mimic. When a customer reaches a contact center agent, usually there will be a list of questions to confirm the customer’s identity, which usually takes a long time. By using a voice biometrics solution, this process is no longer needed because the voice will directly identify the caller’s identity. Hence, the identification process will be faster since customers do not waste much time reaching the contact center.


Benefits of Voice Biometrics Solution to Improve Contact Center Services

  1. Reduce Time and Cost

Companies with contact centers have many available agents to answer calls from customers. Using voice biometrics can reduce required time and costs because contact center agents will be faster in assisting customers. The customer identification process also becomes faster with a voice biometrics solution. It will reduce the expenses needed to support agent performance since each contact center agent will work faster and more optimal.

  1. Improve Customer Experience

The customer identification process goes through a complicated step, so customers have to sacrifice their time to reach the contact center. The voice biometrics solution will make the customer identification process faster and the contact center communication process more convenient, and the level of customer satisfaction will also increase.  

  1. Prevent Fraud

The voice biometrics solution has a voice database that can detect real and fake customer voices. Thus, by utilizing voice biometrics, the company will be able to prevent fraud attempts. The voice biometrics solution can also detect the answers received from people who pretend to be customers so that the contact center can find out the actual style of speech and avoid fraud.


Those are the explanations and benefits of the voice biometrics solution to improve the company’s contact center services, especially for the banking industry. The company will have many opportunities to grow because the most crucial aspect is the contact center, which has undergone proper operations and eases the resolving customer needs process. Consult with Phintraco Technology if your company considers using a voice biometrics solution.


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