How To Beat the Competitors Through Contact Center

15 Mar 2022 Phintraco

How To Beat the Competitors Through Contact Center

Every company has a different contact center system. Some companies have contact centers that record conversations during customer interactions. Meanwhile, other companies provide a contact center that can see through what media customers reach the contact center with an omnichannel solution. Thus, a contact center becomes a valuable part of a competition in providing the best customer service. Then how can a company beat the competitors through a contact center? Let us discuss it here.

Maximize the Use of Analytics Tools in the Contact Center

A contact center is a service from the company to connect with customers directly. Maintaining and improving customer experience is a major concern today. Contact centers can be equipped with various analytical tools to enhance customer experience and stay ahead of competitors. Analytics tools can turn interactions into data that can examine the behavior, chat trends, and consumer demand. These tools are among the right strategies for companies to implement to win the competition.

Analytics Tools Turn Data Into Actionable Strategy

The analysis tool in the contact center produces data that can be useful for the contact center in the future. These data are an important source for companies to improve their services. Here are the benefits of analytics tools for contact centers:

  1. Data maximization

Contact centers do a lot of interaction with customers every day. Imagine those millions of interactions are turned into data that you can use to improve services at the contact center. You will know the trend of incoming calls every month and then determine the right strategy for the long term.

  1. Quick decision making

If you can quickly find the trend of calls in the contact center, your company will easily identify the root cause, make changes, and fix the existing problems in a short time.

  1. Improved employee experience

It is not a secret that the turnover rate in the contact center is considerably high, it reaches 30%-40% because dealing with customers is not as easy as we think. Using data in the contact center can improve the employee experience to know the best way to interact with customers. The skills possessed by contact center agents will also improve and develop the company’s value presented to customers.


Your company can get valuable data by utilizing analytics tools for the contact center, such as implementing speech and text analytics on the existing contact center system. Speech analytics and text analytics can turn customer interactions into data. Hence, your company can improve customer experience and beat the competitors. Your company can cooperate with Phintraco Technology, a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, to implement analytics tools such as speech analytics and text analytics in your company’s contact center. Phintraco Technology is a company engaged in IT Infrastructure and services. One of the services offered by Phintraco Technology is speech analytics and text analytics for the contact center. 

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