Finding the Best Solution to Avoid Fraud and Optimize Customer Experience

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Standing out in a crowd of competitors is not an easy task, organizations should have a strategy to become the most excellent business. The most important thing for a successful business are the good quality of customer experience and strategy to avoid the possibility of fraud that will put your business at risk.

As technology continues to advance and shift at pace, have you utilized the existence of that advanced technology to get the best business results?

Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics technology come to help every business to maximize their service. Have you heard about Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics and their benefits for a successful business?

Speech Analytics is the process of analyzing relevant content from recorded calls. This technology has ability to identify and classify important information automatically, that information comes from every single word spoken by customer and agent in their calls, and Voice Biometrics is the advanced technology used to facilitate the process of authenticating voice in calls. Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics are able to avoid fraud and optimize customer experience.

Verint comes with Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics solutions that utilize Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to increase contact center agents performance by providing analysis and reducing time for handling customer problems. With this solution, contact center agents will solve customer problems quickly, so, customer satisfaction will increase because they feel satisfied by your easy service process.

Verint Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics solutions can transcribe and analyze 100% of important information obtained from customer calls. Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics will automatically find and analyze words, phrases, and sentences spoken during calls. Those are useful to avoid fraud.

These are the functions and benefits of Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics solutions:

  • Reduce agent time in handling every customer calls.
  • Discover customer satisfaction, business problems, competitive strategies, and the best methods for marketing campaigns.
  • Predict at-risk customers that have potential to harm your business.
  • Analyze and get the report of agent performance to maximize business productivity.

The calling process between your customer and agent will not be as difficult as before, when agents have to ask lots of questions to your customer such as their mother’s name, place and date of birth, etc. The purpose of those questions are to make sure that you receive calls from real customer, not a hacker who intends to steal your private data. Fraud is a difficult thing to avoid if your agent do not do a long process, but this problem has been overcome by the presence of Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics technology.

Start from now, all organizations must consider Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics solutions as part of your business to optimize customer experience and avoid fraud that can put your business at risk.

Companies across industries in Indonesia has begun to implement Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics to avoid fraud, facilitate the authentication process, and provide the best service.


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