Improve the Effectiveness of Post-pandemic Business Communication

15 Feb 2022 Phintraco

Improve the Effectiveness of Post-pandemic Business Communication

A Gartner survey said more than 80% of company leaders plan to allow their employees to work from anywhere or work outside the office even after the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization so that many various communication tools can facilitate collaboration among divisions. These tools are needed to ensure that everything runs well even though the activities are not face-to-face. However, will it always be effective? As we know, the pandemic will not be over until the end of 2021. Hence, if we continue to use these many different tools, it will increase operational costs.

How to Find the Most Effective IT Solutions for Your Company

The COVID-19 pandemic has not yet ended in Indonesia, not even globally. This pandemic causes economic uncertainty, and businesses must survive to face it. In this situation, the company’s operational costs must be minimized to survive in the post-pandemic uncertainty. One of the strategies to reduce operating costs is providing faster and integrable access (solutions) to business communications during remote working. Here are some ways to find the most effective IT solutions for your company:

  1. Evaluate the applicable digital environment

Do the company’s current applications meet your employees’ needs, and is the team working effectively?

  1. Evaluate the potential of cloud-based services

The cloud provides flexibility to support remote work and faster access to various tools.

  1. Assess the third-party solutions

Many third-party sources provide technology solutions for business communication services. Using third-party technology solutions can reduce operating costs and simplify these communication tools.

  1. Implement the unified communication solution

A unified communication solution will ease your company to communicate between co-workers. Besides, a more comprehensive unified communication solution can connect your business communication tools with consumers. Thus, employees will work more productively when working outside the office.

Unified Communication Solution: One Platform Multiple Uses

Suppose the company wants to implement a work-from-home system for the long term. The company needs to implement an easy strategy and combine the applications to conduct individual meetings, phone calls, and text messages between teams. The unified communication solution allows the companies to communicate, meet, and share content with only one platform. Without a unified communication solution, your employees’ work and productivity are disrupted. Employees continue to work with multiple applications. Applications for meetings are different from sharing content and are not integrated with CRM applications or other business process applications. This complexity hinders employees’ productivity. Besides, it also requires high operational costs due to different licenses needed. It is also difficult for supervisors to manage and monitor the employees who work from many places virtually.


The company massively adapted work from anywhere system in early 2020. This adaptation is the beginning of a significant post-pandemic shift that will last for a long time. Work from anywhere system can be effective in the long term if the companies transform the digital environment that previously used various separate applications into an accessible and integrated communication approach with a unified communication solution.

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