Improve Customer Experience by Using Analytics Tools for Contact Center

22 Mar 2022 Phintraco

Improve Customer Experience by Using Analytics Tools for Contact Center

2022 is still shrouded by the cruel irony of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to survive in this condition. Although the Indonesian government is optimistic that the economic situation will improve in 2022, companies must remain vigilant and set the right strategy to maintain customer loyalty.

One of the strategies to maintain customer loyalty is by improving the customer experience. There are many ways to improve customer experience; one of them is using speech analytics and text analytics as add-on analytics tools for a contact center.

Analytics Tools for Contact Center

Many analytical tools can be used in a contact center. Some of the analytical tools that can be used to improve customer experience are speech analytics and text analytics. Let us look at the following explanation to discover the benefits of those tools for a contact center.

Speech Analytics: Turning Voice Into Data

Nowadays, there are many channels to contact the contact center, for example, social media, email, and telephone. A telephone is one of the initial contact center channels used until now because the delivery of problems and information will be clearer when expressed through the voice. Improving telephone service at the contact center can be done by analyzing telephone calls using speech analytics. Speech analytics is the process of listening to customer interactions to analyze and draw insights that might be lost or missed in manual analysis. The benefits of speech analytics are as follows:

  • Improve contact center performance by providing various insights;
  • Reduce agent handling time and repeated calls;
  • Able to know and predict phone calls, and
  • Improve agent compliance, efficiency, and performance.

Text Analytics: Analytics Tool for Digital Channels

Text analytics is capable of gathering insights from unstructured information in text-based documents and interactions across multiple digital channels. This solution enables you to analyze, generate reports, and make decisions for every interaction from voice or text. The benefits of text analytics are as follows:

  • Improve customer insight;
  • Improve operational processes and efficiency;
  • Identify opportunities for self-service at the contact center;
  • Optimize customer engagement, and
  • Evaluate and improve employee performance.

Once the system obtains insights from contact center interactions, your company can quickly determine other strategies to improve customer service and make impactful changes. Customers will experience a different service, and employees can act quickly to improve their service.

Improve Customer Experience by Using Analytics Tools for Contact Center with Phintraco Technology

Customers are easier to attach to a brand or product from a company if various channels are available. Companies must enhance the existing resources to meet customer expectations. One of the right strategies is to continuously improve the performance of the company’s contact center by using analytics tools such as speech analytics and text analytics. This strategy will help the company system gain diverse insights to make changes and improve customer experience continuously. Therefore, customers will also be loyal to your company. Phintraco Technology is an IT Infrastructure and services company. This subsidiary of Phintraco Group provides various technology solutions for contact centers, such as speech analytics and text analytics. Entrust the implementation of your company’s analytics tools to Phintraco Technology.

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