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4 Reasons to Modernize IT Infrastructure
13 May 2021 Phintraco

4 Reasons to Modernize IT Infrastructure

In a company environment, agility becomes a must-have capability to compete in today’s business world. To create an agile culture, a company needs to have a reliable IT infrastructure. It is proven by the research from Dell Technologies, “71% of organizations cite legacy infrastructure as their biggest barrier to business transformation.”

Referring to the research, it can be concluded that many companies experience several operational challenges because they still rely on the legacy IT infrastructure. With legacy IT infrastructure, having an agile culture seems impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to modernize IT infrastructure. Here are 4 reasons to modernize IT infrastructure:

1. Reduce costs

Modernizing IT infrastructure can reduce the required costs for IT management. How is it possible? In short, with IT infrastructure modernization, companies does not need to spend expensive costs for maintenance because modern systems does not require frequent maintenance to ensure the relevance of the capacity and performance to workloads as business grows.

2. Improve data security

Do your existing infrastructure help you retain full visibility and control to the movement of your data?

Having full visibility into how employees use data and how it moves from the company's network to the external network will help companies to make more strategic and effective business decisions. Most companies will not have this capability if they are still using legacy IT infrastructure. Even more, modern IT infrastructure provides better data backup and recovery than the legacy one.

3. Stand a better chance of getting more business opportunities

Companies with modern IT infrastructure stand a better chance of getting more business opportunities than those that are still using legacy IT infrastructure. It happens because modern IT infrastructure has higher level of scalability to keep up with business growth.

In most cases, companies with legacy IT infrastructure will find it hard to develop new products or services. With modernized IT infrastructure, it becomes easier to plan for the future, design, and launch new products and services in less time.

4. Improve performance and productivity

Improving the overall team performance and productivity is one of the main reasons to modernize IT infrastructure.

According to the Forrester’s research (link), modernize IT infrastructure improves the productivity of development team by as much 40%. This improvement will make it easier for developer team to access development tools and advanced technology that helps them improve efficiency.

IT infrastructure modernization will help you grow your business in multiple crucial aspects. However, as a decision maker, you need to first understand your portfolio and prioritize the investment on departments that need it most.

Therefore, before modernizing IT infrastructure, you need to define the strategy and the objectives – and the most important thing is to find a reliable IT infrastructure solutions provider that can truly transform your business.

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